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Sourcing from local producers and suppliers first.

At Pomona we have built strong relationships with local suppliers that offer natural goodness. Whether direct from the farm or through larger distribution channels, our priority is to source the highest-quality ingredients with a focus on sustainability: organic, regenerative farming, and earth-conscious production.


Local Partners Include: Canadian Mangalitsa FarmsBlue Barn FarmGraze and Gather, Houston Natural Meats, The Lost Daisy, Growing Good, Sofia Cheese, Fromagerie Kapuskoise


Providing local employment opportunities that pay living wages and offer a supportive and positive work environment.

Implementing the "Not 9 to 5" model to ensure the workplace is not only physically safe, but prioritizes the psychologically wellness of staff. This includes normalizing mental health training, sick leave, accommodations, and support. 


Reducing use of plastics and creation of waste in all aspects of business.

Prioritizing the purchase of products that offer less packaging and packaging made from sustainable materials. 

Providing sustainable take-away options.

Diverting 100% of food waste from landfills.

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